Ways to Come Up with Winning Essay Topics

If you get your essay topic right, then you can enjoy successful essay writing. Great writers take time to research and develop good essay topics before writing anything. You too need to develop such skills to excel in essay writing. A captivating heading for your essay is the secret to doing a great written assignment. You need this to get started on a good footing.

Without your essay heading, it will practically be difficult to develop the body. When you have confidence in your essay topic, then there is nothing you won’t be able to do to craft a high-quality essay. How do you come up with a winning essay topic? Well, it is all in research and thorough reading of various relevant sources. All these ideas put together should give you great ideas in writing a good essay.

Top Essay Topics for Great Writing

Your essay is as good as the essay topic. Don’t rush to write your assignment if you don’t know the direction to take in your essay writing. Essay topics give you direction. They help you know where to start and how you will develop your essay to the end. Here are typical quality essay topics to write about.

  1. The debate on the death penalty
  2. The ineffectiveness Corporal punishment in schools
  3. Democracy is a pillar of our society
  4. Technology in education is key in the 21st century
  5. Economic shakeup in the wake of Covid-19
  6. Happiness is a Choice not an end result
  7. How to Spend your Gap Year
  8. A Pragmatic Approach to Education
  9. The rise of African republics in the 1960s
  10. Human Impact on Global warming
  11. The world is becoming a big village
  12. Technology is now the opium of masses

Important Tips to Remember

Your essay topic is a work of art. It should be appealing to your audience. It is something that should trigger their curiosity and want to learn from your writing. This should be your priority. Make sure that your target audience will yearn to read through the sentences after reading the topic. To come up with a winning essay title, remember to do the following:

  • Read extensively. Take time to understand more from other credible sources. This is especially in your area of interest. You could still talk about the same thing but take a unique approach towards your writing.
  • List several options. Don’t limit yourself to one topic. Come up with several options before picking the last one.
  • Think about the essay body. Will your chosen topic have enough things to talk about in the essay body? Remember that your essay topic is a short but precise summary of the entire essay.

Final Thoughts

Spend enough time thinking about the topic of your essay before writing anything. This will help you make the most of this opportunity and write a high-quality essay. Your topic should be informed by various sources in your area of interest. It will be a major milestone to achieve before writing your essay!

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