Compelling Essay Topics for University Students

Compelling essay topics are basically those that invoke interest and grab the attention of people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, religion, and even political views. They should be almost irresistible to any audience, therefore making the topic for these essays quite hard to derive. Here are some examples of topics you can take into consideration when writing your essay:

  • Social Problems – These issues can pertain to a large number of people that have strong positions on each concept. This can include poverty, prison systems, social media, education, and many more. Since this issue can hit home to so many people due to it’s wide affects it is a weighty topic that captures the attention of many.
  • Current Events – this is a consistently changing concept that can have numerous effects of the lives of individuals. Someone who feels strong about a recent occurrence that may have directly impacted his or her life can agree with your viewpoint. This makes it a compelling topic of course.
  • Future – with growing technological advances, who knows what the future can hold? Your research and your outlook on the future can greatly be considerable by other people as well. You can also make this as informative as you would like to spread knowledge about recent advances and what the future will look like for the younger generations who may be excited about your paper.
  • Philosophy – topics like this are open to discussion therefore making them greatly compelling. Your thoughts matter and maybe you think about similar aspects of life like the next person, or group of students (peers in your class), or your professor/teacher who will now understand your method of thinking and your philosophical thinking.
  • Health – we all should care about our health of course, which is why bringing up an interesting topic in health can compel to a large audience and provide awareness of certain things. Your knowledge and research can pay off if you help change the lives of a group of people. You never know where you can go with these types of essays.
  • Food – Everyone loves food. Food is major topic and can be incorporated with cultural influences and lots of history as well. This can bring people together and spark the interest for those who are open to try and learn about new food. This is also in relation with the topic of health and nutrition, which is almost a never ending trend in society. Check to learn more.

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