Creating An Interesting Evaluation Essay On A Book

An evaluation essay will usually look at the value and quality of a book or any other work such as movie, restaurant, sporting event or product. When writing the evaluation essay, you need more than just presenting the opinion. You will need to draw in the reader to ensure that they read the entire work. You will need to begin with an interesting introduction that offers a glimpse of your opinion and also attract the attention of the reader so that you make them want to read more.

Set a scene

You can start the critical essay by giving an anecdote on the piece that you intend to evaluate. You can start with a short story on the book’s poignant moment. Another alternative is to recap a heart-stopping scene. With a story, it is possible to show the high as well as the low moments of the experience which can serve to capture the interest of the reader.

Have a historical content

Ensuring that you offer a historical content is a good way to start off the critical evaluation essay. If you intend to evaluate the novel’s plot, you can offer some insight into the author as well as their previous work. Giving them some background information will help to show your credibility and is an indication that you have carried out a research and this offers more interest to the reader.

Highlight some surprising facts

You will need to begin by writing some surprising and interesting discoveries that you have made in the evaluation. There are chances that this is going to be the surprising and interesting parts for your readers. Highlight the unique details on the piece and this will enable you to hook the attention of the reader.

Consider the purpose

One simple as well as interesting part is to explain what is it that you are evaluating in the piece. A common mistake that many writers make is to forget to mention why their review is valuable. However, this is important as it offers your readers some sense of purpose and meaning and this will ensure that they keep reading.

Get supporting evidence

It is important to ensure that you back your point of argument with evidence. You will need to make your point of view clear and show the reason why you support that point of view. Ensure that you have also read the book first since it is not possible to evaluate something that you have not examined or read.

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